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The Climate Change Swindle

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    December 2, 2016 12:28 PM EST

    I say this: The "Scientific Method" is perhaps the single greatest achievement of mankind in all hiuman history.  The underlying power of this method stems from the "Consensus" that is derived from specialists of various fields relative to a study.  Einstein's theory of relativity did not gain world wide attention until scientists world wide endorsed it by consnensus of a study which proved his formula and theory.  

    Now enters "Climate Change and Global Warming"!  Forced upon us by government agencies claiming "the debate is over"............  WHAT!......... The hell you say!  Let us not mistaken the "consensus" of politicians to the "consensus" of qualified scientists related to weather, ecology, oceanography, atmospheric studies, etc.  Let us stick to the facts and the source of each fact.  Somebody is lying to us and must be called out on it.  I myself automatically disqualify any governmental, beurocratic or extremeist organisation as legitamate on this topic.  Only the scientists and scientific records can rule on this.  

    This video "just over 1 hour long" is not chosen to convince you on one side or the other.  It should however instill in each of you who watch it, to the importance of 'Peer Review"  as the cornerstone of scientific method and that we should expect it and demand it of our scientists and anyone who tampers with the facts.  We should black ball anyone who exercises any fraud in reporting scienctific information.  Judge for yourself.


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