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Appeal Ban or suspension.

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    March 11, 2018 2:06 PM EDT

    If you feel you were wrongly kicked,banned, or suspended then please write a brief description on why you may feel that way in the comments.

    Please be respectful and an admin will look over and accept or reject it.

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    April 20, 2019 4:51 AM EDT

    i wanna apply mine, 1stly i been wrongly acused of theift when i dint steal anything, been kicked off all sever for a week for trolling and stealing on rag. but how can i steal sumet that no one was on? i went for a reaper queen 299 no one was attacking it for somtime good 10mins i was on it for b4 somone turned up i am being told i stole it??? ya cant claim wild dinos thats just not fair on everyone no matter who ya r. i saw in tek event a nice high tek quetz i went bk for ma gear come bk and somone us shooting it already they beat me to it , its fair game. 

    but i also been kicked off discord witch i wasnt told i had a ban off at all. 

    i'll acpect not being on rag for a week but white give me abit this morning to jump on feed ma dinos went to log in instanly as i was told i cud not so my dinos need feeding. 

    the apply id like to make is just to be apply to play on exstinion just exstinion for a week i'll take week ban for sumet i dunt understand ive done spoon trid explain it i still dunt get it but as no one can now explain it me i will never understand till ban up wtf i done wrong.

    please take into concideration also i dint no i did anything if thought i did i def wunt have done it but i am acting no different to nomal but this ban has hit me hard as i got it the same time  my son said he wanted his mummy dead!!! most of ya r mums yaself so i am feeling worst of the worst and pfg is only place i felt better then suffering depression like i said 1 server play on better then 0 and a better baby way of explantion be nice 

    ty admin team x x x

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