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Conan Exiles Patch Notes

  • HRH
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    August 13, 2018 9:35 AM EDT
    Conan Exiles - Community Director (Natascha)

    Hello Exiles,
    We’ll be patching Live now to address some high priority bugs and issues that were deployed to TestLive last week.

    Again, a special shoutout to those in the community who helped us hunt down some of the tougher bugs and thanks to everyone else for the continued reports, feedback and for being part of our Exiles community! :)

    Here we go:
    • Fixed some issues where Thralls health would reset after restarting the game
    • Fixed an issue where NPCs wouldn’t properly aggro the player
    • Fixed an issue with Rotbranch’s attacks not dealing any damage
    • Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances it wasn’t possible to equip a weapon on a Thrall
    • Fixed some issues where Thralls would stay in the air when the building they were standing on was removed
    • Fixed an issue where older Fish Traps, Shellfish Traps, Wells and Beehives to properly fill up again
    • Fixed thermal protection and stats on Aquilonian DLC Armor
    • Fixed some server crashes
    • Fixed an exploit that in some cases could let you climb up building pieces that shouldn’t be climbable
    • Nudity Options during Character Creation are now also accessible when using a controller

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