• Narya

    Dino vs. Tech

    Posted by Narya Nov 23 - 19 votes - 43 views
    Do you all prefer Ark as it was originally with the focus on Dinos or do you prefer it now with Tek? I personally look back with nostalgia. Running around on the ground looking up at the brontos wondering if I would every have one of my own. I still enjoy the game obviously with tek! Just curious about how you all feel!
  • tegglian

    PFG Secret Santa

    Posted by tegglian Nov 22 - 20 votes - 54 views
    Exactly what the title says. I'm perfectly happy to run it, unless admins what to do it, then thats cool. Read all the details in my previous post :)
  • tegglian

    Extinction Titans - Server or Tribe?

    Posted by tegglian Nov 21 - 13 votes - 89 views
    I was curious what people thought about when we start doing the titans on Extinction - should we work together as a server to them down, or just stick to doing it within our tribes only?
  • Slaymeplox

    Tek atv?

    Posted by Slaymeplox Nov 20 - 17 votes - 50 views
    What does everyone think of the tek atv?
  • RawDawg

    Extinction Wyvern Event

    Posted by RawDawg Nov 20 - 4 votes - 54 views
    An event where a spot on the map has regular Wyvern spawns and nests so we can steal eggs and milk to raise Wyverns on extinction. What do you think?
  • SarahButler

    Randi's Christmas Mod

    Posted by SarahButler Nov 20 - 22 votes - 69 views
    Randi's Christmas Mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1199589888&searchtext=randal+christmas for those been on pfg over a year will no this mod had it last christmas on Rag. fancy it again this year but not just for on Ragnarock but across all servers
  • tegglian

    Limit Extinction Spawn zones

    Posted by tegglian Nov 19 - 17 votes - 64 views
    No idea if it is possible via admin commands or mods, but figured i would throw this out there. Seems like the entire ground floor of the city is a spawn zone, and all “reasonable” build locations in forest / desert / snow area are too. Can spawn zones be limited to, eg @ obelisks, or just 1 or 2 per location?
  • Vatalani

    Extinction Dino Decision

    Posted by Vatalani Nov 19 - 19 votes - 71 views
    Which should I buy now That I finally have enough credits lol.
  • SparticusDarkRaven7905

    animal Transfers

    Posted by SparticusDarkRaven7905 Nov 16 - 28 votes - 71 views
    What would you's say about transfers to Extinction of tames ,either to extinction from other maps or at least allow transferring out of extinction to other maps should be fine .
  • Vatalani

    Base Cap?

    Posted by Vatalani Nov 16 - 19 votes - 59 views
    Should Extinction have a cap on how many base locations a tribe can have.

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