• tegglian

    Extinction: Your favourite location so far is..

    Posted by tegglian Nov 9 - 22 votes - 140 views
    Whats your fav locations? Be honest!
  • Spoon

    Pimp My House

    Posted by Spoon Nov 8 - 27 votes - 84 views
    May give a more modern look to your home and has more modern interior. Looks really polished. Please take a look before you vote. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=909377464
  • tegglian

    Extinction vs Ragnarok

    Posted by tegglian Nov 8 - 24 votes - 90 views
    Thoughts so far, it has been out for a day now. Will Extinction become your new home? Which one do you prefer Extinction or Ragnarok? Put a comment to explain your vote!
  • Dizzy

    Another Eco mod for extinction

    Posted by Dizzy Nov 8 - 24 votes - 216 views
    even with all the stuff, we could use to decorate in rag my house was still bare. this one could help. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=741203089
  • Irradiatedwookie

    Castle and Keeps

    Posted by Irradiatedwookie Nov 7 - 27 votes - 71 views
    Would you like to have the Castle and Keeps mod on the Extinction server
  • ninjabob

    Extinction Eco mod

    Posted by ninjabob Nov 7 - 29 votes - 102 views
    Here is an Eco mod I think would be nice for Extinction but I think a item or 2 would not be left on there https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=816908578
  • RawDawg

    Who plans on playing extinction on release?

    Posted by RawDawg Nov 5 - 16 votes - 185 views
  • manzar0

    TRADE element for credits for store

    Posted by manzar0 Oct 19 - 20 votes - 142 views
    i think sales would skyrocket if we were able to trade our element for credits.. example 1k element 100k creidts...
  • manzar0

    drops a little better (NOT LOOT DROPS IN DESERT)

    Posted by manzar0 Oct 17 - 25 votes - 1,477 views
    the drops around the map that come down from beam should be boosted abit not even worth farming
  • SparticusDarkRaven7905

    Element Ore

    Posted by SparticusDarkRaven7905 Oct 3 - 18 votes - 120 views
    Would like to see Element Ore for sale so people can get it to make S+ Charge Station or a mod to make it craft-able either in the grinder or the S+Tek replicator ,got all kinds of battery cell's an a major pain to charge them ,maybe even a community S+Charge station on Rag an sell the key pin to use it .What do you all think ?

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