• Mrlove

    more skins yae or nae

    Posted by Mrlove Jan 29 - 10 votes - 265 views
    gettinn a poll together too see if people would like more costume skins maybe 2 mods with them just so now u can customise yourself and your base :) sorta like these http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1232362083
  • Riolu

    Aberration dino spawns on the island

    Posted by Riolu Jan 27 - 24 votes - 515 views
    Im seeing alot of servers with the mod to habe aberration dinos spawn on the island map and just wondering if others would like this idea? Id love this to be a PFG pvpve server. And no one plays aberration due to the lack of dinos on that server. So having the ability to have aberration dinos and still play with friends who prefer the non aberration dinos?
  • Chopstick

    Adding Eggs to Loot Drops

    Posted by Chopstick Jan 26 - 24 votes - 238 views
    As we all know, dino egg farms can cause stress to a server and it's population. Adding random eggs to a certain tier(color) of loot drops can alleviate this stress by removing the need for egg farms. Players can then stock up on the eggs and even trade them with other players without the need to tame five of a certain species. Other pros include possible FPS increases from lowering the amount of
  • TheSparklyPanda

    Gallimimus / Dire Bear racing

    Posted by TheSparklyPanda Jan 17 - 16 votes - 271 views
    Title says it all xD Dire bears for having to keep your momentum or Galli because of their awful turn speed you would have to account for. Race map would be a circuit of the whole map or just a 1/4 I.E. Redwood, desert, SE, Jungle or murder snow.
  • AlexRewind

    Adding Super Spyglass Mod

    Posted by AlexRewind Jan 15 - 27 votes - 313 views
    Essentially what this mod adds is an item called a super spyglass. It’s function is the same as a normal spyglass, however it allows you to zoom in on your target, check out its health,and torpor.overall it is just a quality of life mod and helps with taming.
  • KennyBlairx

    Event Idea

    Posted by KennyBlairx Jan 14 - 17 votes - 227 views
    Just an idea not sure how well it would work. Basically making a maze with a box somewhere in it. In that box is a random item that only an admin knows what it is. First one to find it wins.
  • Mrlove

    Should i hold an Archery comp when my castle/kingdom is complet

    Posted by Mrlove Jan 12 - 11 votes - 242 views
    a comp too find the best archer in the land prize will be an Ascendant compound bow that i made (took ages)
  • Grnlntrn666

    Water Well Mod

    Posted by Grnlntrn666 Jan 11 - 16 votes - 268 views
    This mod allows you to place a water well anywhere and run pipes from it. The water well acts like a intake pipe but does not require to be near any water source. This mod could cut down on pipes which can be bothersome in many ways. I have used this in the past and is great. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=553034096&searchtext=water+well
  • Ninette16

    Midieval Props Mod

    Posted by Ninette16 Jan 11 - 13 votes - 234 views
    To add to the Castles mod and give good decor, I'd recommend this mod. Doesn't seem to have any game breaking bugs and it would make your castles look amazing! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=742077869
  • Capn

    Pvp w/o sanction tag.

    Posted by Capn Jan 10 - 18 votes - 224 views
    Anyone interested in adding a pvp or pve tag at the end of their tribe name to show they are down to pvp? We could make a registry of those on which list and have restrictions preventing someone from going pvp and killing stuff then going back to a pve tag. For example you can only change your pvp/pve tag once a month or once a week. Just an idea.

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