• KennyBlairx


    Posted by KennyBlairx Sep 24 - 17 votes - 126 views
    Was thinking of other events and came up with this. If it gets enough yes votes maybe I could go into more detail with an admin. But the idea is to have X amount guards and X amount of Robbers. Both teams have X amount of life's. Guards are given a combination to a vault, if all the guards loose there lives then they have to give up the code and the loot. If guards win they keep the loot. Br
  • Bumble

    Should wild dino wipes be executed before 300 events?

    Posted by Bumble Sep 23 - 21 votes - 258 views
    Many of the peaceful areas of the map don't get a proper cycle before the event happens, so we may see a trending hotspot of higher level dinos in aggressive areas. I would like to see a wild dino wipe before such events commence.
  • tegglian

    Big building or Modular?

    Posted by tegglian Sep 21 - 12 votes - 251 views
    How do you prefer to build in Ark? One giant building with everything in it? Or smaller buildings in the same area each with a unique function (ie, 1 room for breeding, 1 room for hatching, 1 room for crafting etc)..
  • manzar0

    super spyglass

    Posted by manzar0 Sep 20 - 22 votes - 166 views
    tells u dinos stats so u dont have to wast darts and kibble taming it
  • manzar0

    hatchery (NO NANNY)

    Posted by manzar0 Sep 20 - 19 votes - 127 views
    i think the hatchery will be awesome for server? it just brings ur egg down to like 30sec before hatch it also picks up fert eggs so ppl can leav there dino on a hitching post mateing
  • AdamNicholson

    Island Boss Summons

    Posted by AdamNicholson Aug 25 - 24 votes - 209 views
    Enable us to summon Island bosses in the green obelisk arena by arranging with an admin to watch the fight and ensure only legitimate dinos are used in the fight as well as providing a time limit which once over the admin kills you and your dinos. you must also before being able to fight provide the required artifacts and tributes for said bosses.
  • SarahButler


    Posted by SarahButler Aug 23 - 21 votes - 221 views
    last chrismas we had randis christmas mod put on they have a halloween on. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1129514366&searchtext=halloween i say we get this for a week or 2 or more
  • Gambit243

    Auction House Mod

    Posted by Gambit243 Aug 21 - 19 votes - 212 views
    this mod is an auction house were u can put up items for sale and bid and buy items of other people just an idea so when you want to buy something in game you can just look up in the store. just an idea haha click this link to read more https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=898049820
  • RebeccaBarrett

    Artifact run

    Posted by RebeccaBarrett Aug 17 - 21 votes - 208 views
    Looking to do dedicated artifact cave run days "ice,hunter, and lab" what days would be best "not weekends"
  • Strifetoe

    World of Warcraft players

    Posted by Strifetoe Aug 13 - 10 votes - 188 views
    Who here is or was a Wow player and is going to get back into it due to new expansion ?

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