• tegglian

    Which Titan you like the best?

    Posted by tegglian Feb 11 - 17 votes - 116 views
    So which one would you consider the one you find most interesting, and why?
  • SarahButler

    make cryopod/fridges end game rule

    Posted by SarahButler Jan 31 - 15 votes - 116 views
    make cryopods and fridges like wyverns giga quetz reaper drake rule. ya have to get yaown repaclator to make them and not sell them to people who havent already got them
  • tegglian

    Make Cryopods more expensive

    Posted by tegglian Jan 29 - 6 votes - 44 views
    I created this as a forum suggestion but figured a poll might get more attention. Cryopods make the "transfer dino from one side of the map to the other" redundant. I think they should be much more expensive to craft. Thoughts
  • TinyFeet

    Item transfers to and from extinction

    Posted by TinyFeet Jan 27 - 19 votes - 312 views
    Who would like to see item transfers enabled to and from extinction?
  • SparticusDarkRaven7905

    Castle & Keep on Extinction

    Posted by SparticusDarkRaven7905 Jan 26 - 14 votes - 50 views
    We whom travel back an forth to Extinction all had same issue when going back to Rag map with the engrams ,so basically what i was thinking was have the mod installed for Castle an Keep CKF on Extinction for those whom love it an this way for those who travel back an forth wont have to do that mindwipe stuff etc ,What do yous say ? please vote !
  • Slaymeplox


    Posted by Slaymeplox Jan 2 - 17 votes - 79 views
    How many of you still play around in the pvp area on rag? Let's see how many active pvp players there are! Yes or no.
  • Crunch

    Mod Reduction

    Posted by Crunch Jan 1 - 20 votes - 147 views
    We're always looking at ways to improve server perfomance and help players on lower end machines but lets face it, arks tough on the pc specs as it is! They may seem like the devils talk but WHAT IF....we kill the eco decor mods or just keep the 1 favorite (another poll down the road, mine is eco tek) I think it would improve load in times a TON and overall in-game experience around larger bases.
  • tegglian

    So last day of the year, how was it?

    Posted by tegglian December 31, 2018 - 13 votes - 742 views
    On a scale of 1 to 10, 1=bad, 10=best.. how was your year? add a comment to explain your vote
  • PrimeFreeman

    mod suggestion

    Posted by PrimeFreeman December 23, 2018 - 17 votes - 94 views
    I was thinking that maybe people would enjoy another mod for the server, so I am interested in seeing how many people would be interested in adding the Platforms Plus mod. Description: Tree platforms with snap points for perimeter walls, extending ceilings, ladders, ramps and catwalks. also adds platform wedges that allow you to build multi level tree platforms.
  • tegglian

    Favourite Type of Wyvern

    Posted by tegglian December 19, 2018 - 11 votes - 101 views
    *This doesnt include mini-wyverns. We'll poll them next time :P