• Extinction is up! Still working on signs in the many player spawn Zones so be careful where you choose a home particularly in the sunken forest area that I am still working on. Cluster will be open in several weeks after bugs, server balance and anti-troll information is ascertained. Only S+ and MRRad so mod polls can begin! Until then we invite you PFG members to join us before we put promo's out to anyone else. Enjoy!
    Join our server here!!
    https://arkservers.net/server/ ...  more
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      tegglian woop woop!
      - Reply - 2 like this - November 7, 2018
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      Crispy I legit like this photo
      - Reply - November 9, 2018
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      Deleted Member Legit Awesome Photo
      - Reply - November 16, 2018

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