• Got a couple ice wyvern eggs last night and had someone tell me there was a public trap for getting wyvern milk I just needed to get a key for it. (I'm assuming a pin code) does anyone know where I can find that info. And also I have 2 350 ice wyvern eggs if someone would want to trade one for a lightning or fire of a similar level. Tia peeps!
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    • Whiteyskinz
      Mrlove the code can be bought off here for credits http://www.dododepot.com/specialty.html once purchased just put up a post on here or on this group on FB https://www.facebook.com/groups/DodoDepot/?ref=bookmarks and just say u bought community gate key name of tribe and player orders can take up too 48hrs too complete
    • Whiteyskinz
      JayWey Nice job on finding the high level ice wyvern eggs dude!
    • Whiteyskinz
      tegglian awesome!
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