• Ice Titan Rewards go to.....
    1st Place: Law Ron Lawrence300 MEK
    2nd Place: Prime Nick Freeman150 MEK
    3rd Place: Rark Mike Mccloy100 MEK
    Ice Titans rewards are judged by the following player behavior
    - Teamwork and communication
    - Positive attitude during the Titan Fight and event in general.
    - Duration of participation at Titan fight
    - Creative alternative strategies
    - Willing to risk animals and player life
    *All other rewards are dropped by the Desert and Forest Titans.Hording of the items or showing poor ...  more
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      Mrlove yip he defo wins the long jump comp lol
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      JayWey Well done guys! :)
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      tegglian wowo awesome!
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      Narya Grats!
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      Dragonopticz Nice
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