• Corrupted Animal Raffle! Win a tamed Corrupted Animal Hunter! (Special Bonus Damage to Corrupted)

    1st place chooses a * Pentaceratops or Becklespinax Lev 750

    2nd place chooses a Corrupted Wyvern, Rex or Spino! Level 500

    3rd place chooses Corrupted Wyvern, Rex or Spino! Level 300
    ne raffle ticket per every $5 donation. Example: $20 = 4 tickets/chances
    Please help us to keep us going. Your donations can go a long way to helping us pay our monthly and annual fees. From Purple Frog Radio Community Radio...  more
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    • Spoon
      DivineHatred iWish i knew this yesterday I donated $15.00 for credits.... oh well
      Amazingdave911 replied - 1 Reply
    • Spoon
      Ninette16 debating so hard on this one....
      - Reply - Mon at 6:12 AM

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